Emory Roane

Juris Doctor | Legal-tech, copyright, privacy, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, virtual reality, future-lawyer, occasionally cohost of This WEEK in LAW

Co-Host of This WEEK in LAW

I am very excited to announce that starting in January, 2016, I will be co-hosting the excellent legal/technology podcast This WEEK in LAW on the Twit.tv network with Denise Howell! Tune in each Friday at 11 AM PST for discussions from legal experts from around the country about the current events in the intersection of law and technology. 

This Week on Law with New Media Rights!

On December 18th, 2015, I was asked to join Denise Howell on This Week in Law, along with Art Neill and Teri Karobonik of New Media Rights, to cap off an excellent six month internship at NMR! We talked about the landmark BMG v. Cox case, Disney's DMCA trickery, and more news in the intersection of law and technology. 

California Western School of Law student brings Bitcoin knowledge to San Diego’s tech community

"Recently Emory was asked to share his knowledge of Bitcoin on a panel called “Can Bitcoin Pay for the Internet of Things”; alongside Bitcoin and cyber security experts Bill Bonney, Justine Phillips, Paul Puey and Paul Boulanger.  Emory provided an introduction to Bitcoin to the 75+ individuals in attendance, and shared his insight throughout the evening.  Since this panel, he’s been invited to present on Bitcoin at the upcoming Bitcoin Investors conference in Las Vegas, and is working on a Bitcoin related project in the New Media Rights clinic."
"Emory had the following to say: 'Really, we're only just beginning to get glimpses of how Bitcoin and related technologies are going to impact society. Over the next decade or so we're going to see in much more detail the ways that blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies interact with and challenge the legal world, and I'd like to be in a front row seat for that show.'"

September Newsletter:NMR students are front page news!

"This summer Staff Attorney Teri Karobonik and NMR Intern Emory Roane updated our Disastrous Disclaimers in the Digital Era guide and our Citizen's Legal Guide To Using Creative Commons Licenses"
"Can Bitcoin Pay for IOT? Current NMR Intern Emory Roane will join a panel discussing the intersection of privacy and blockchain right here at CyberHive! "

This Week in Law Episode 318- The Blockchain Gang

On September 4th, 2015, I was invited to co-host the week's episode of This Week in Law, to panel a discussion about bitcoin and the recent legal developments. 

Special Report: Uber's new privacy policy

Reviewed Uber's updated privacy policy for an interview with KUSI. 

"Art Neill is a San Diego attorney with "New Media Rights," a program of California Western School of Law that keeps an eye on legal issues related to the Internet and digital media. . .One of the policy's most significant changes, Uber's request to turn over your address book."
"Thank you to Executive Director Art Neill and ‪#‎CWSL‬ student Emory Roane for contributing to this piece on how Über's new privacy policy affects users of the popular car service." - California Western School of Law Facebook Post, July 22, 2015.

"New Media Rights’ final DMCA Anti-circumvention comments encourage the Copyright Office to protect fair use for all filmmakers"

"Today, New Media Rights submitted our final set of comments supporting exemptions that allow filmmakers to bypass encryption and technical protections measures for purposes of making fair use. . . New Media Rights wants to thank fantastic interns Emory Roane and Patrick McManus for their work on this proceeding."