Emory Roane

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Licensed in California!

December 5th, 2017, marked the end of one part of my life and the beginning of another. It's bizarre, looking back, how vividly I remember first realizing I wanted to enroll in law school - standing outside of my quaint Baton Rouge cottage, surrounded by friends, PBR in hand - railing against the world in the wake of the Snowden revelations.

It's been a whirlwind of change ever since: moving across the country, enrolling at Cal Western, finding the love of my life, and diving head first into areas of the law that continue to fascinate me every single day. I'm a different person altogether than what I was three years ago, a better person, and as of yesterday, I'm a duly licensed attorney in the state of California - and I couldn't be prouder, more grateful for the opportunity to join such an illustrious group of professionals. 

My law-school career is over. My professional career is just getting started. Hello world. 

The Bar is Behind Me!

(Hopefully, for now at least)

I want to extend the hugest of congratulations and well wishes to all of my fellow JD's out there that just finished their respective state's bar examinations! It's been an incredibly stressful, busy and draining three months, but at long last our nightmare is over. Like all of you, I'm now eagerly (painfully) awaiting the results in November - but until then it's time for (1) a vacation, and (2) exciting as-of-yet unnamed developments! Stay tuned!